Hope to Happiness

Hope is Here Foundation firmly believes that happiness is the key to a good life. Once you find a level of happiness, everything else falls into place. Some of the simple things in life have the biggest impact on your well being. Our main goal is to connect you with those simple things in life.

Movie tickets

Broadway Shows

Amusement Parks

Sporting Events

Work Shops

Arts & Crafts

Recreational activities…etc.

honor our veterans goal seal illustrationOnce you feel good on the inside, productivity levels are increased, your confidence levels are raised and your willingness to live a sufficient life is greater by at least 50%. Being content in life also shows positive effects on your health overall. Less stress reduces the risk of heart disease, strokes and other health related issues. We know how important it is to feel like a productive member of society but we also know when you work hard, you also need time to play. A healthy balance of hard work and social/leisure activities is essential in everyday living.

Although it may seem like finding time to “play” is not for adults, studies show adults that make time for downtime/leisure activities are less stressed and live happier lives than those that don’t. We want you to be a part of those that do.

Tickets will be offered to veterans for a variety of events. Going to these events will build profound memories and strengthen your quality of life, which is crucial to, simply being happy.