Hope to Health

Hope to HealthNutrition: Since many homeless Veterans eat fewer meals per day, lack food more often, and are more likely to have inadequate diets and poorer nutritional status’ than housed citizens, it is imperative to provide proper nutrition. While public and private agencies provide nutritious food and meals for homeless people, availability of the services to the homeless are limited. As we know, many homeless people lack appropriate health care and certain nutrition-related health problems are prevalent among them such as  malnutrition, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness. With healthy eating, the risk of diseases and health related complications such as, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc is reduced significantly.

Supplements: Not only will we provide nutritional meals, but adequate supplements are a necessity as well. Although it is possible to get everything that you need from simply  eating healthy, it’s not always feasible.  Hope is Here Foundation will offer various supplements that will work in conjunction with healthy eating resulting in a healthier YOU.

Hope to Health2Exercise and Training: Everything works systematically. With proper nutrition and supplementation, you’ll also be educated on diet and exercise. Fitness evaluations will be done for assessment purposes and plans will be tailored to suit your needs. You can take advantage of group fitness programs as well as One on One training which will jumpstart your own daily regimen should you wish to continue the exercise routines on your own.