Our Team


photo1James Bowens
Founder and CEO

James Bowens is the driving force behind Hope is Here Foundation and fills the Chief Executive Officer role.  Hope is Here Foundation is dear to his heart because it hits so close to home.  He’s seen firsthand the hardships of people going through shelter systems.  It was then that James vowed to give back to his community and pay it forward.  His charitable resume expands from coaching Little League Baseball as a teenager, currently coaching youth football to running his family owned and operated homeless shelter for more than 7 years.  While operating the homeless shelter, he concluded that our Nation’s Heroes infiltrate a great portion of these systems and decided to split his focus to assisting Veterans in their continued efforts in becoming productive members of society.  James is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization which includes donations, administration, fundraising and support programs.  His mission is to not only provide the essential necessities needed to survive but to also provide services that will help Veterans and the general homeless for the rest of their lives.

JorgeJorge Hernandez

Jorge serves as Chief Operating Officer for Hope is Here Foundation and has full oversight and management of all aspects of Hope is Here Foundation’s operations including resource planning, financial planning, marketing and business development, among others.  Jorge deeply believes that as individuals and as a society we need to do what we can to help the people around us.  Jorge has worked for a youth group who focused on food drives for the homeless and has worked on numerous fundraising events.  Jorge is a proven leader and has extensive management training, organizational and business development and is determined to use his skills to help veterans reintegrate into society.

“Taking part in the development of Hope is Here Foundation has been very rewarding for me.  It breaks my heart to see Veterans on the street without a place to call home and continue to separate themselves from society.  It is my mission and the mission of Hope is Here Foundation to do our part of ending homelessness of our Veterans and doing what we can to make sure our Veterans are happy.  Our Veterans deserve a second chance.”